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Bimetallic screw Barrel

Bimetallic screw Barrel
Bimetallic screw Barrel

Product parameters

Processing range

Bimetal screw: base material 38CrMoALA, 31CrMoV9(foreign)
Bimetallic barrel: base material 38CrMoAL A, 40Cr,42CrMo
Screw barrel alloy powder (iron/nickel based)
Hardness: HV1 000-1100
Confinement strength: 10000Psi or more
Field of Application
Suitable for LCP, PA+GF, PET+GF, PBT+GF, PC+GF and other types of plastics with glass fiber, fire retardant, carbon powder and PPA, PPO, LCP, magnetic powder, PC and other special engineering plastics.
For more impurity content of recycled materials, glass fiber reinforced plastics and inorganic mineral fller (calcium powder, carbon powder, talc, etc.) content of more plastic, screw wear resistance is good.