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      Zhoushan Sitong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in producing precision screws and glue tubes. Our company has strong technical force and advanced processing techniques. Our company has passed the evaluation of ISO9001:2000 quality certification. We own a full range of production lines and complete testing devices. The materials of our products are chosen from superior alloy steel (38CRMOALA) and precisely produced with the technology of slack quench. They have characteristics of accuracy and abrasion resistance. So they are the ideal assorted products of injection molding machines, extruding machines and rubber machines.

        After more than ten years of hard work, based on active scientific management, led by the market, our company has developed better products to win the trust of customers and provide perfect service.

       Machine barrel is produced by us and is the core component of machine sets. Then we developed the granulating machine sets, which specialize in producing color masterbatch and PC materials. They shoe better performance than that of other similar products from the standpoint of output and plasticizing effect.

       We hope to create the glory together with you!


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